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Diego Seymour is a Peruvian musician, arranger, composer, music producer and sound engineer. His journey began at an early age in the bosom of a family devoted to music and art. His talent and passion did not go unnoticed, so upon finishing school, he immediately began his studies in sound engineering. It was there that he discovered a new world full of professional possibilities. Constant researcher, he soaks up technical knowledge that invites him to leave Peru for seasons. In 2012 he settled in São Paulo, Brazil for two years, which were key to his training as a producer and to broaden his personal horizons. "Brazil opened my mind, made me understand music in a different way."  

With more than a decade of experience, Diego Seymour has worked in important companies in the music, culture and entertainment industry, in his country and abroad. He was a Latin American artist selected to be part of the 'Imersão Latina' residency held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. To date he has worked and collaborated with artists from various parts of the globe. He is also an editor and contributor to specialized media and music magazines. His productions and projects have been mentioned and reviewed in important local and international media and blogs such as "Remezcla USA", "Vice México", "El Comercio Perú", "Vice Brasil",  among others.


Below is a summary of his outstanding productions involving works with artists from Peru, Brazil, Sweden, Colombia, Argentina and more. 





Diego Seymour, aware of the impact that music has on people and society, has been founder, developer and entrepreneur of different projects that include record labels, online radios, collectives and more. His projects are characterized by the rescue and revaluation of emotional content, promoting listening as a fundamental act. "The balance between ethics and aesthetics is reflected in an honest and relevant musical production".

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